Monday, March 15, 2010

Recycled Cardboard Tiki Surfboard Paintings!

I just finished these. 

I hadn't painted for a while, so I thought a mini surfboard series would be a good warm up.

I liked the look of the recycled cardboard, & figured it would be a friendly, non-intimidating surface to paint on, but ended up really enjoying its corrugations.

I started wiring & gluing things into the channels & ended up with a kind of tiki vibe. More here.....


  1. Hi! Just thought I'd come on over to check out your blog, too! This is all great! I've painted on cardboard before and love the texture, too:) I notice you have a website through Weebly. I'm debating on getting a website in addition to my blog (mainly as a portfolio, etc). Would you recommend weebly--I like that it's free with no ads. Anyway, just trying to feel things out:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Erin! I like Weebly. It is especially nice for people who don't know HTML, because it is very easy to use. They offer several templates, & by just hovering your cursor over each one you are able to instantly view your content as it would appear within in that template.