Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hands Across The Sand

The colorful scene at the Cayucos pier this morning.....

A mellow group with lots of love for the ocean.....

My neighbors in the line were friendly & well informed.....
I love how visual this event was.....Hope it sends a strong message to keep our Oceans clean. 

More information about Hands Across The Sand here. 


  1. This must have been quite moving to take part in this.

  2. It was a pretty mellow, light-hearted event at our beach, though there was talk of destruction & the need for change. Mostly it felt good to know that even in this rural area a group of people who care about the oceans would take the time to gather on short notice. This site was announced just a week before the event, & the people around me had come from several different towns.

    The moving part for me is the connection with other coastal folks around the planet. I think all of us were thinking about what it would be like if our local shores were devastated. It feels great to know that so many others care.

    Here is the link to the Flickr Hands Across the Sand-June 26, 2010 Group Photo Pool (499 members!):


    Thanks Nick!