Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mixed Media Mini Surfboard Sculptures

I've been working with the surfboard form for several years now. I love tools, the simpler the better, & surfboards are about as clean & simple as they come. With no moving parts, they are functional & come in beautiful forms & colors.

This series was fun to work on. At least 1/2 of each board is made of wood. I used a tiny hand plane to do a fair amount of the shaping. Then  started adding ceramics, glass, wire, & found objects until things jelled. 

More of the mixed media board series here.

I like that the forms remind me of spear & shield forms from various cultures & time periods.

I find it refreshing & fascinating that in these complicated, computer dominated days the way a surfboard functions can be altered through slight variations in form by a skilled shaper.

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