Friday, January 22, 2010

Art & Garden Links

My last year of college I had an assignment to research artists that had inspired me. I had a great time delving into the library & pulling all that inspiration together helped me to focus.

Collecting links for this blog was similar, though things have changed somewhat over the years. I found that while there are a tremendous amount of images & information available on line, there is not always one link that represents an artist well. For example, William Morris, whose amazing work is very well represented in his coffee table books, & has inspired me for years has retired, & his website doesn’t do his work justice. I couldn’t find a site for John McQueen either, but did include the links that I could find for both these artists.

Other searches led to new discoveries. While searching for a good link to Constantin Brancusi’s work, I discovered But Does It Float, a site dangerously full of inspiration where I could easily become lost for quite awhile.

Others have become more accessible over time. Years ago I discovered the designer Andree Putman while rooting about in the ASU architecture library, & have since found that her books are hard to come by. I was pleasantly surprised to find her fittingly elegant website.

More links on the right. Enjoy!


  1. Many discoveries! I love your work. Nopal Sunset is stunning and I love your Naples Yellow sculpture. You're right about 'Does it Float' .....like a warren of burrows in all directions.

  2. Thanks ArtPropelled! This is why I appreciated your post about pulling away from the computer & back into the studio - there seems to be an infinite amount of inspiration out there, including your blog : )

  3. I love John McQueen's work. I "met" him at a basketry conference about 10 years ago. His work shop room was filled with tiny pieces of willow. Someone made a baby bottle out of the willow pieces as I remember. I think he is a visionary.

  4. That must have been amazing. I love visiting artist's studios especially if they use unique materials. I agree that he is a visionary. I enjoyed following the progression in his work from stitching words into his work to zip tying twigs together to installations. Thanks for sharing Leslie : )