Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Curating & Treasury East.....

I've discovered that I have a passion for curating.....

Mid Retro
Last Friday Etsy launched it's "Treasury East" as a beta feature. It offers the opportunity to create collections of handmade & vintage items listed on Etsy. The collections do not expire, & are rated in terms of "hotness", based on visits. With "hotter" collections gaining greater exposure.

On the (ocean's) Edge.....

I couldn't stop myself, & created these three! 

Feel free to visit them.....& discover what other items each of these unique shops offer.

I have always loved arranging things ~ work spaces, collections of things around the house, plants in the garden, have enjoyed jobs working as a merchandiser.....

True Art

.....& really enjoyed discovering & gathering these items together. In the process I've met several interesting & talented people. It feels good to help promote their work, which in turn inspires me. 

My latest discovery is Solsticehome's amazing blog.

I look forward to updating these "Treasuries" with new finds as time goes on.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Peak Inside the Shimmering Shack.....

Studio Bits.
A glimpse into the semi organized chaos that is the Shack.....
post Spring cleaning :  ) 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wildflowers for days!

Last week I ventured out to Cottonwood Canyon on California's central coast. The hills were alive with intense color. Hop onboard for a virtual drive..... 

As we approached the canyon we began to see colors.  

First yellow,

then orange.

Soon entire hills were covered

right next to us,

and on the hills in the distance.

We were surrounded

by brilliant colors.

 the entire landscape

seemed surreal.