Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Garden

Spring has sprung here on California’s central coast. My urban container garden is getting an early start this year.

The clivia’s budding

& I woke to find that this little succulent had burst into flower

& the dwarf lilac that I’d given up for dead had shot out little leaves overnight. Nature rocks!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Harvest Box

sweet potato & kale

A few months back I discovered the wonders of the harvest box, a weekly offering of fresh, organic, locally-grown produce.
spring onions
How can food this beautiful fail to inspire all sorts of yummy creations? 
mandarin oranges

I love the way the selection changes with the seasons & introduces me to new flavors & textures too. Suddenly I’m craving once foreign veggies like jicama & kabocha squash.
kale & avacado
I get my harvest boxes from Rutiz Farms. Shopping at their outdoor stand feels way better than visiting a supermarket. They even post recipes in their newsletter, which is how I know that balsamic roasted kabocha squash is awesome!
harvest box

Look at all the goodies I found in my box last week!