Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fresh goods: Pacific Eco Rings!

When we were kids on the way home from school we would find bits of telephone wire left behind by electricians working on the phone lines

It was like finding treasure. 

The scraps were brightly colored, & we would twist the wires & make things out of them, though I can't recall what we made.
I recently came across a bunch of recycled telephone wire, & found that I am still charmed by it's soft flexibility & wide array of stripey colors.  

I've designed a series of rings that I'm pretty excited about.

The soft matte finish of the coated wire has a comfy look & feel reminiscent of a sweater, & the stripes even fade with wear like a well loved garment.
Some rings are completely matte, while others feature a shiny bit of glass, stone, or shell.

Either way, they offer a soft, casual alternative to super shiny bling. 

Think jeans, sweaters, flannel.....

I had a great time pairing the many(!) wire colors with accents to create a wide assortment of looks from

earthy & natural,
to soft retro color,
to bright jewel tones.

Did I mention that they combine & stack well!? 

Or that you can feel good about wearing them because they are handmade (by me!) in California from recycled telephone wire

& 10% of profits will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation!

The only problem I'm having is narrowing my choices, so I'm asking for your input. 

Swing by my website to check out the full collection, pick a few of your favorites, & post them in a comment at the bottom of this post.

(I did warn you that there are a lot of choices, right?) 

At the end of May I'll draw a name from the comments & send the lucky winner a single ring of their choice.

I'll even start! My favorite is Agave Nectar

.....but I keep stacking the others in so many combinations 

(ooooh, like Indian Summer with Green Hornet) that I think I need them all.....  

Enjoy, & thanks for your feedback!